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Medical Education Unit Constitution 


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Staff :

Name of the MET Cell Members Department & MET Cell Designation
Dr. Sunil Petkar Chairman
Dr. D.M.Belekar MEU Coordinator
Dr. Jyoti Gaikwad  Associate Coordinator
Dr. Mitali Nayak MEMBER
Dr. Atul Patil MEMBER
Dr. Shanta Satpati MEMBER
Dr. Padmaj Kanchi MEMBER
Dr. Minakshi Bhat MEMBER
Dr. Satish Vidysagar MEMBER
Dr. Aparna Deshmukh MEMBER
Dr. Madhusmita Nayak MEMBER

Click to download Education opportunities for doctors in UK & US - 2207.2013

Click to download Guest Lecturer on Organ Donation dt. 07.10.2013

Click to download MEU minutes - 17.10.2013

Click to download MEU Minutes dt.13.12.2013 & Pharmacology workshop on CH-GCP guidelines on 07.08.2013

Click to download RNTCP Sensitization Workshop - 04.03.2013

Click to download RNTCP training CME - 04.03.2013

Also include CME Activities

  1. CME on Asthma Management  dt. 28.07.2011 by Pulmonary Medicine department
  2. CME on Fundoscopy dt. 29.01.2011 by Ophthalmology department
  3. CME on Headache dt. 19.08.2011 by Ophthalmology department

Click here to download ME Unit Activities