Forensic Medicine Course
18 Oct 2023

What is the Scope of Forensic Medicine Course Program?

What is the Scope of Forensic Medicine Course Program?

Forensic is a well-established industry abroad, but in India, it is still developing. Forensic experts play a major role in assisting government bodies and police departments in solving criminal cases. Students belonging to the science stream often show interest in pursuing a forensic medicine course.

If you are also excited to explore this career option and the scope of forensic medicine, then this blog will help you in answering all your questions.

Forensic Medicine Course- Introduction

The forensic medicine course seeks to educate people on the fundamentals of forensic medical sciences. After completion of the course, Forensic medicine graduates are in charge of performing autopsy for the government or police. Top medical colleges of India offer diploma, MBBS, or MD courses in forensic medicine.

MBBS forensic medicine lays the foundation of forensic medicine whereas students who want to gain expertise and detailed knowledge in the subject pursue MD in forensic science. In this blog, we’ll talk about MD in forensic medicine.

Types of forensic medicine-

  • Forensic Serology
  • Forensic Anthropology
  • Forensic Psychiatry.
  • Forensic Pathology
  • Forensic Toxicology
  • Clinical Forensic Medicine

Forensic medicine course details- MD

Course Level Postgraduate
Course Duration 3 years
Minimum Eligibility

•      Minimum 50% marks in MBBS degree with an internship experience of 1 year

•       Permanent registration with any state medical council or the Medical Council of India

Average Salary 10 LPA
Top Recruiters Narcotics department, CBI, Government Medical College, Pharmaceutical companies, Forensic laboratories, Research & Analysis wing

Syllabus of Forensic Medicine

The forensic medicine syllabus at Terna Medical College is curated by experts keeping in mind the theoretical and practical aspects of forensic medicine.

In this course, students will gain detailed knowledge of important aspects of forensic medicine such as-

  • Forensic Toxicology
  • Forensic Science
  • Law & Medicine and Autopsy
  • Medical Jurisprudence and legal procedure

Scope of Forensic Medicine course

According to statistics, the country’s crime rate is rising each year. However, due to the shortage of forensic scientists, the country has a terrible demand for forensic medicine specialists. MD forensic medicine scope is wide and these graduates are needed in government labs, departments conducting investigations, and many other places.

According to another research, the forensic medicine market size is expected to grow with a CAGR of 12.01% by the year 2028 from 2023.

Forensic Medicine Course

Source- Mordorintelligence

Furthermore, the following fields are open to graduates of this course: Police Departments, Enforcement Agencies, Legal systems, Investigative Services of the Government & Private Agencies such as counterterrorism operations, environmental and human rights protection, cybercrime investigation, the Crime Branch, and Intelligence Bureau.

Job Opportunities In India

To make a career in forensic medicine, MD graduates can apply for the below-mentioned job Positions in public and private sector organisations-

  • lab technicians (Forensic Pathology)

Their work involves preparing and analysing samples to help forensic research. These lab technicians analyse various samples taken from crime scenes using biological, chemical, haematological, serological, or physical methods. 

  • Forensic medicine professors/associate professors

They are in charge of educating children about forensic medicine professors. Additionally, they carry out research in this area and create journal articles and reports. 

  • Forensic Medical Examiner

A medicine expert who conducts autopsies and takes part in investigations is known as a forensic medical examiner (FME). They can identify unidentified victims and reveal details about the death’s time and cause.

  • Manager-forensic advisory

They are in charge of running the forensic division and are responsible for the effective & smooth functioning of the department. They also supervise the department’s autopsies and several legal matters.

  • Psychiatrist

The vast scope of forensic medicine also allows you to opt for this highly skilled job position where a forensic psychiatrist needs to possess a strong understanding of mental health and the law. This psychiatrist treats people with mental health issues in jail, hospitals, or society.

  • Forensic Toxicologist

The forensic toxicologist conducts tests in a lab using materials obtained from a crime scene or by forensic pathologists. To determine if there are any drugs or substances in the body, forensic toxicologists use scientific testing on samples of bodily fluids and tissue.

  • Forensic Scientist

At a crime scene, a forensic scientist recognises, gathers, and analyses physical evidence. Their primary responsibilities include examining and interpreting blood spatter patterns, formulating conclusions about crimes based on autopsies, and documenting victims and crime scenes through photos and videos.

Forensic Medicine Course

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Job Opportunities Abroad

The career scope of forensic medicine is not limited to India but various top organisations such as FTI Consulting, BDO, K2 intelligence, etc. offer attractive job positions in countries like Australia, Japan, New Zealand, China, United States, etc.

Why choose Terna Medical College for studying forensic medicine?

  • We offer a comfortable and academically rigorous environment for the students by providing all the facilities at the campus, such as a library, residential facilities, and a laboratory with all the latest tools & equipment, etc.
  • The college ranks among the top MBBS colleges in Navi Mumbai due to its eminent faculty members and industry-approved course curriculum.
  • The college teaches students about the essentials of forensic medicine and toxicology through a rigorous course curriculum and by conducting research and innovation activities.

Summing up

With the advent of technological advancements and increasing criminal cases, the scope of forensic medicine is vast. And with top-notch MD courses in forensic medicine and wider career scope in forensic medicine, you can make a satisfying and attractive career.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is NEET required for forensic medicine?

Yes, to study MBBS forensic medicine or MD courses, you need to qualify NEET examination.

  1. Is MBBS necessary for forensic pathologists?

Since an MD is a requirement for employment as a forensic pathologist, therefore enrolling in MBBS will be beneficial since it allows one to pursue an MD in Forensic Medicine.

  1. Which year of MBBS is forensic medicine?

 In the second year of the MBBS course, students are being taught      forensic medicine and toxicology.

  1. Is forensic medicine a good branch?

Indeed, forensic medicine is a great field, and candidates who are interested in solving crimes and developing an adventurous & lucrative career might consider forensic medicine.

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